Bhai’s Indian Corner Café has been an institution in the Cape Town suburb of Wynberg for more than forty years, and together with his wife, Mary, Bhai Patel runs the little shop with a twinkle in his eye and an ever-present practical joke up his sleeve.But when the all-too-suave Patrick Amanzi arrives with an offer to purchase the property, with intentions of redeveloping the neighbourhood, Bhai and Mary are faced with a difficult decision which threatens to pull the family apart.To make matters even worse, Bhai’s beautiful daughter, Rashmi, has unknowingly started dating the handsome young Patrick, and when the truth comes out and intentions are misinterpreted, the chaos that ensues starts to threaten the community too.In the end, Bhai and his eclectic family will have to pull together and rally the community behind them if they wish to save the day and give a new-found love the chance to blossom and bloom​

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